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About me and my books

JACLYN’S GHOST & PASSAGE TO MESENTIA were first published in 2008 by Tease Publishing LLC, under the title DEATH, as part of their Dark Tarot Series. Last year, November 2010, after I received my rights back, I decided to self-published both books as eBooks and open my own indie publishing company, PIXIE PUNK PRESS. 

Over this past year (I am writing this Nov 28, 2011) I have published three more eBooks: two fairy tale inspired young adult fantasies (Silverweed: a supernatural fairy tale & The Princes of Tangleforest) and my collection of fairy tale inspired short stories I had originally written for my blog, Supernatural Fairy Tales. Silverweed is the only title available in print at this time. However, if I get more requests for print books I may publish more paperbacks next year. I have received a few for my anthology, so that one will probably be next.

All of my books have been either professionally and/or group critiqued & edited.  I owe a great deal to The Humble Fiction Café, who I acknowledge in my books, for their awesome critiques and encouragement. I’m not able to attend many meetings these days; however, my experience with the group is priceless. I highly recommend finding a writers group.

I’m really enjoying the freedom of pricing my own books. All of my eBooks are  .99 cents. They all have the normal copyright, but for me it is more of “Hey please don’t say you wrote this.” So if you want to share it, go ahead. Furthermore, if you would like to try out my writing and are unsure of an indie writer, email me (dorlanasfairytales at gmail dot com)– tell me which book you want to try, and I’ll send you a PDF for free!

And one more thing, if you are expecting “horror” or “romance” or a long drawn-out novel, you might not care for my books.  I write short, plot-driven, weekend-reads that have been described as “fun, cute, clean, unpredictable, easy-read, comfortable, and delightful.” :)


What’s in the works?

My main writing focus/genre has been the supernatural for a long time. It’s easy for me to remember when it all began because I started writing Jaclyn’s Ghost right after my son, Dean, was born, and he’ll be eight-years-old soon. I actually wrote my first fairy tale inspired short story about 19 years ago but didn’t start my blog and/or using them as my main inspiration until around 5 years ago.

I have not worked outside the home since Dean was born and all he’s ever known me to do is to write. When Jaclyn’s Ghost was first published  and I received my first shipment of paperbacks, I think he was more excited then I was. The first book I ever signed was to him.

I bring all this up because about a month ago he asked me to write a book for him. At first I took it all kind of lightly and thought I would jot down a little short story. But it has turned into something else that I’m both excited and nervous about. Even though I have a couple of YA novels, they are still both supernatural and fairy tale themed. Not what my 7-year-old little boy is interested in.

Here was his list of wants:

  • I want a long story.

  • I want it funny and with jokes.

  • I want ninja. (He informed me that more than one ninja was still ninja.)

  • I want pirates.

After I wrote the first chapter, he wanted to read it. Something else that makes me apprehensive because I usually don’t let anyone read anything until it has gone through several rewrites. But it was awesome hearing him laugh out loud and ask me, “Where’s the next chapter?”

I also had a want of my own: for him to draw the pictures. He was so excited about that and we have since bought him a drawing pad and a pencil set. He has about 40 pictures so far.
So as you can see, this is completely out of my writing comfort zone – (but I’m actually trying to sneak in some steampunk, something I’ve wanted to do but too unsure to try.) I’m not sure of the future of this book – but it doesn’t matter. I love the fact that this is encouraging him to read and to use his creativity. And also, it is really cool having a project that we can work on together.  Coming soon: Pirates vs Ninja - written by Dorlana Vann, illistrated by Dean Vann.

A little more: 

The inspirations for my books and short stories are classic fairy tales, the supernatural, and the roaring 20s and ancient Egypt. I’m a long time fan of Anne Rice, I have a writer-crush on F. Scott Fitzgerald, and my all time favorite book is The Picture of Dorian Gray. I’m a bit of a foodie and adore stories that have tie-ins to food (Books: Like Water for Chocolate & Garden Spells  - Movies: Julie and Julia & Chocolat my favs) Confession: I’m probably more of a movie buff than a bookworm and a lot of my favorites (Ever After, Stardust) are based on fairy tales. But I guess I just love stories of any kind. 

I sure hope you will take a look around the website. I welcome emails (dorlanasfairytales at gmail dot com) if you would like review copies, interviews, or if you just have a question or comment – I will get back to you. 

Love and Laughter,
Dorlana :) 


Dorlana Vann Copyright © 2007- 2012 by Dorlana Vann. All rights reserved.





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